fullavdrit whispered: What is your fav thing about Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam & Niall ?😊

zayn—>his eyes (personality: he is funny)

harry—>his lips (personality: everything)

louis—>his hair (personality: his sassy personality)

liam—>his lips (personality: adorable)

niall-> nose (personality: carefree) 

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  1. yo-pam said: harry:i love the smile he has and his cuirly hair is like asjhbds! liam: the voice he have is just amazing and personality! louis: that he is very funny i love him he makes me laugh and the way he dress! niall: i love her is very simpathic! i love the voice he have in the…
  2. huntstiles said: Harry : EVERYTHING <3
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