weeeeeell i know i’m original so… evrybody is doing this so i’ll too lol my edit suck because i’m so lazy anyways this is like your christmas gift and new year gift too haha this year i made some very good friends here so thank you so much and idk i just want to thanks to all the people who have been with me this year, and make my dash so perfect and for all the jokes and drama that you do haha and idk i love all these blogs are perfect to me<3 so thanks for be nice and sweet whit me and thanks for follow me, idk i hope you have a lot of fun this holidays with your family and friends and sha la la la Love you so much<3 I know are a lot of blogs but i love all these blogs and i can’t leave them out, i hope i dindn’t forget anyone… iif you aren’t here, really sorry but if you following me i love you so much! all of you guys are a important part of me coz tumblr is like my other life my happy side haha , there’s people that i’ve not talked but doesn’t care, i love you ok? btw merry christmas and happy new year :) xx

sorry if i wrote something wrong

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Dany thank you so much, means a lot ^^

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