Well, well, well, it’s time! Christmas time, my third Christmas here, my second year. Tumblr changed my life, some of you changed my life! There’s people here, that I don’t even talk, but that I really consider my friends, you know, only see them on my dash is like, enough!

I know I can be really difficult sometimes, really annoying, and even tho there’s some of you guys there are always by my side. And I don’t have words to describe how important is this for me. Each one of you that once talked to me, the ones that still talk, the ones that want to talk, I LOVE YOU ALL. And I’m not kidding, each one of you is really important to me.

Here’s the list of the important people to me, I’m sure I forgot someone, because that’s who I am hahaha, but even if you’re not here and you’re following me I LOVE YOU, ok? You’re important to me, don’t worry.


bbradford blamestyles carolineflack christmix dylenobrien e-d-w-a-r-d-s-t-y-l-e-s edsheersan edsheerun edwstyles endtochange fallenforpayne fiftyshadesofgravy flashmestyles flawlessirish fuckingniall fuckyeah1d ♢ harry-zayn heartzmalik horanblog horankawaii hlmschpl  hstyless itcheshire Itshoran itnialls itsnialler jaesama jamesniall javaddempire kingfaglinson kissingliam klawsyklaus kneeyum kryptoniall louniall malikbum malikplanet marsandback mcgayness missinglou niallar niallhrans niallsfavoriteurl niallslaugh nnarry ohziall ollymurs omgstyles only-malik ♢ opspayne paynasaur paynerr paynut presidenthoran princenialler sexlikezarry sexyppaynes ♢ snowyniall stylesness the1dblog thebritishboys tomlinsass  stuhyles whiteskimo wolverhomos yeahstyles youarebossyandshort zarry zarryfied zaynable zaynjavadds zouisarmy

and here I like to thanks everyone who added me to their follow forever, this means A LOT to me, really!

Thank you SO MUCH!

awww Ella thank you so much, you are never annoying babe!! ily

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