{hello everyone, so, this is my follow forever :) just wanted to thank all these peeps for being really amazing and sharing their awesome skills and great personalities! i may not have talked to you all, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t dig you, ok?! ;) again, thanks for being the reason that i’m still obsessed with tumblr, even after being on here for 2 years! i love you}

a, b, c, d - adorauhl. alliwantisyous. blamestyles. bbaylorswag. biebergasmic. biebermynigguh. biebrauhl. bieber-news. coolstorylarrystylinson. creepingjustin. dadstopsnoring. danceaholicj. direct-news.

e, f, g, h - edsheerun. endtochange. fallenforpayne. flawlessbieber. fuckingniall. fuckyeahselenita. fuckyesziam. gaggingonzayn. halla01. happinessishardtofind. haroldmalik. harriebs. harry-zayn.

i, j, k, l - inzaynindamembrane. iwannazarryyou. justintbieber. kissyouus. lemmekissyouzarry. livelaughandlovealot. lookatbiebernow. lovoto.

m, n, o, p - malikmyvagina. marsandback. ollymurs. omgzarry. omgzayn. oohliam. outoftowngirls. pickleswithasideofgomez. prinsasslou.

q, r, s, t - santabiebs. saintbieber. selenamg. selenatic. setfiretorains. shadesofzayn. sirposey. swagity. sweetiebiebs. s-mg. thatsexybieber. thoseopeneyes. tizziesruletheworld.

u, v, w, - ushouldpickme. verystyles. vivrelenfer. wordsofwisdoms.

x, y, z & ‘-’ - yearauhl. yourgold. zarry. zarryempire. zarrygod. zarryisloveotp. zarryskingdom. zaynandharrypls. zedmaliks. -harrystyles.

my apologies if i forgot someone, so i’m just gonna link my blogroll. don’t fret, i only follow amazing blogs! ;)

omg thank you so so much!!! <3

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