Nina’s Best Blogs of 2012
ok i’m just warning you; i suck at this stuff. anyway, here we go: the people on this list are my favorite blogs this year, and you’ve made my dash perfect! it doesn’t matter how long i’ve followed you, what matters is how amazing you all are and that will never unfollow any of you! you’re all so lovely and amazing and beautiful, and i don’t even know what i would’ve done without you! thank you for having such amazing blogs, you’re all doing a fantastic job! this year has been awesome because of you, and i hope next will be just as incredible. some of you will always be special to me, thank you for being here whenever i need you. merry christmas, i love you all!

1dheart | 1dxrated | adore1d | blamestyles | charlierundle | d1rection | drunkniall | epicdirection | everniam | expectospatronus | fuckhstyles | fuckyeah1dhappinessishardtofind | hazzababy | harryssource | harrytommo | harry-zayn | hesmilewesmileheyhoranhommos | hoaran | horanism | horanvanity | hotdirection | hstylesworld | maistyles | mmalik | marsandback | narryworld | niallerhorun | niallslaugh | onedirection-slo | paynut | perfectrainbow | poseys | shecklers | sourwolved | stairsboys | starksfell | starkpower | steferine | stylesness | stylessluts | styleswho | styles-harry | stymsshaw | substyles | tastyrainbows | teamofonedirection | wmyb | yeahniall | yeahstyles 

if you don’t already follow these amazing blogs, do it right now!

Nina babe thanku so much!!! i really appreciate it <3

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All of you guys are perf. thanks for making my dash beautiful and alive. i love you guys and your blog xoxo

a-d: anajchan, bakforyou, bbradford, chashingdirection, changemymind, dearddraco, diarycrux, dracofly, drunkniall, drunkmalik

e-h: eathoran, edsheerun, edwstyles, endtochange, englou, flawessirish, harry-zayn, hazwards, hazzies, hecticsglow, heyniam, hismudblood, hommos, hookermalik, hullaharry

i-l: irresisttible, its1dandtw, itsmalik, izzyjohnston, kinghoran, kneeyum, leyums

m-p: makeashine, malikempire, malikplanet, mcgayness, midnightings, mistltoemalik, mulingar, niallis, niallking, omgzarry, paynerr, paynut, potterus

q-t: rockmes,santasnaping, slversgold, snowyz, startksfell, styleharrys, thebritishboys, tomlensons, tomlinsworld

u-x: waitingondhr, willou, wmyb, vosapninboys

y-z: yeahniall, yesniall, zaynable, zaynner, zaynsnudes, zmalik

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shay babe i love you, thanku so much <3 this is so cute

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