So on February 1, will make year two I had this blog , I really can’t believe it. Time went by so fast, I remember when I first time I made this blog it took me a year just to finally make it. I just want to say that I love being here and I love all the people that I have met in these past two years, and I mean every single person all the ones that are here and the one that left. All of you guys have a place in my heart and you always will. That goes to the people that I follow and my lovely followers. To my followers if you are reading this, I want to say thank you to you all; it doesn’t matter if you followed me yesterday or two years ago. You guys been with me threw the darkest time of my life and you guys help me pick up the pieces so I owe you every. I love you all to bits, i wish i could message every single one of you and say thank you and how grateful I am. I’m sorry i didn’t want to make this emotional lol. But i just want to say thanks and i love you guys to bits, heres to another year <3 


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(if i forgot about you sorry) THE BEST OF 2013 - i want to thank you too all the beautiful people who make my dash so beautiful! maybe we don’t have mutual follow  or maybe we’ve never talked before but i love you anyway and you’re importat for me! and you have a friend here haha  D: If you are on italic you’re the craic??? hahahaha but seriously (italic or not) all of you are an amazing people! i’ve been following some of you for a LOONG time and idk I LOVE YOUhaha idk what to say honestly I hope you have a beautiful christmas with your family and friends! and a good new year!! :)  thank you fo everything!!!  (sorry for my english) Love you :) xx


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 So I finally made a Summer Follow Forever, Im such a lazy ass. But any who, 
these lovely blogs feel my dash and make it pretty. SO follow them, do it kay.
To the blogs below, love all of you guys. If have talked to most of you and I haven't
come talk to me lol. Thank you for making my blog so lovely and make me want to stay
on tumblr. Have a great summer, dont forget to have fun. - Shay


shay baby omg ily so much, this make me smile a lot <33

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Sup guys! So this is my second ever follow forever I’ve made in like the 2 years I’ve been on here so I guess its time for an update hahah. These are a seletion of blogs I have enjoyed resently and also some of my main girls that I love. Happy Easter everyone! x

A B C D: alreadysungs, billiondays, cheshaires, damnstyles, donavanss.

E F G H: everniam, eversyoung, fagcaster, fflacks, georgeshellays, grimys, harryssource, harry-zayn, hazzababy, horaneyes.

I J K L: itseliberg33, loginlerman, londans.

M N O P: mmalik, paynut, pleasestyles, perfectlikestyles.

Q R S T: rememberlullaby, safeandsweet, shecklers, smileymxd, snowblacks, sparklightdreams, stairsboys, sstyls, starkstower, stylsland stylesness.


Y Z 123: zarauhl, 1dxrated, 5secofsummer.

 Courtney  babe thanku so much, ilysm <3 so pretty

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lol i can’t even edit ….. anyway, i wanted to update my follow forever, im not going to write a boring paragraph expressing my luuv because … no. Well thank you everyone i follow for making my dash perf, just that, ily <3
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aww Pili love you so much, thank you babe <3

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i just want to say thanku! i know i havent been here so much because now i dont have enough time but this means a lot to me. 

very soon i’ll be back, cause u know summer, more time, tumblr all day all night. 

*surprised face*

love you all :3

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Okay so basically this is double special day cause 1. it’s your bday, now you’re as old as me (for a couple months hehe) and 2. exactly today 1 year ago we met 

I love you so much, I hope you have the bestest day ever with lots of awesome presents and party hard haha!

Stay as swaggy as you are cause you’re fuckin awesome. I always have the most of fun chillin with you on tiny, having our own little dance party for christmas or whatever haha.

So happy birthday again and if you ever need me, you know you can always talk to me bout everything (:

asdfghj this day is very special to me because of you <3 i love you so much! and this is so perfect :’) drooling!! you’re perfect babe! 


hey nica happy birthday! omg i bet you didnt expect this at all aha!
I really like you , you are like one of the most nicest people on here, hope you have an amazing birthday! and lots of fun and gifs aha (: , hope we can talk more and that stuff haha 

pd: hope you like this beautiful graphic aha , take care babe 

Valeria this is so sweet baby thank you so so much<3 ilysm!!! 

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ok this is my first follow forever and I made it because you all make me laugh really hard and I love all of you even if we don’t talk so yeah hey and sorry for the crappy picture too don’t hate me


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 17flack, 5secofsummer 

just saw it thanku babe <3 

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